Royalty at It's BEST

We are Kappa Lambda Phi Incorporated a Masculine Identified WoMANS LGBTQIA service organization, founded by a group of masculine Identified women, who set out for change within their communities. To aid in the perceptions of what a Masculine Woman are defined as, within many communities. These Founders focused on the principles of Trust,Loyalty,Respect and selfless service with a touch of Royalty. The founders of royalty believes in helping others and to always display leadership qualities and loyal abilities. Many times within our LGBTQIA communities we lack the guidance and ability to be self, These Founders wanted to provide something different, a place to call home for many LGBTQ masculine identified woman, to be role models and change the perception of  how society views Masculine identified lesbians. WE too can promote positive change while still being true to ones self. To pledge to be Royalty is what sets the difference form many. 

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